Florian Amrhein


This is a nice internet radio I built. It can tune into internet radio stations from all over the world. It's built into the case of an old valve radio and the controls work pretty much the same way they did in radios back then.


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Vintage valve radio

I bought an old radio off eBay. It's from the 30s and was manufactured in the UK by "His Master's Voice".

I removed the old electronics and speaker, and left only the wooden case.


The core of the radio is an old 10" laptop. I removed the LCD panel from the casing and fitted it with the laptop in a wooden frame. The 10" panel is a bit too large for the 8" window, but it still fits in the radio case.



The radio is controlled by two potentiometers (tuning and volume) and a rotary encoder (band). A second rotary encoder isn't currently used.

The controls are connected to a micro controller (ATmega328) on an Arduino Uno prototyping board


The built-in sound card of the laptop was bad quality, so I decided to buy a USB sound card from Creative. It's that white box below the USB hub on the images.


I bought a cheap amplifier and two equally cheap speakers from eBay. They were originally meant for cars.

The photo shows the frame with the electronics (left side) after it was inserted into the radio. The amplifier and the speakers are on the right side.



The laptop runs Debian and a the Music Player Daemon (MPD). The UI is written in C and SDL. The UI gets the information about the controls from the micro controller by USB.

Micro Controller

The program on the micro controller reads out the information from the controls and sends an update via USB to the laptop if something has changed.

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